Drive Power:

Motors 12
Aircool carries several brands of motors including A.O.Smith, Emerson and Dayton.
Our motors run in sizes from1/8 HP all the way to 7HP. We carry these motors in both
115 volt and 230 volt. Customers also have a choice in whether they want the motor or a motor kit. Motor kits include the motor, the pulley, the motor clamps and a new motor cord.

Pulleys 12-1
At Aircool we carry a complete line of both motor pulleys and blower pulleys. These pulleys come in several different diameters and shaft sizes. We also carry the large commercial sizes, as well as single or double grooved.

Blower Wheels
Aircool carries replacement blower wheels for most coolers, including industrial-size coolers. You can buy just the blower wheel, or the complete blower assembly, which includes a new metal hood, shaft, bearings and pulleys.

We carry a complete line of cooler bearings in a variety of different shaft sizes. We carry high or low profile, side oilers, heavy duty, cast iron and relubeable ball bearings, including those for commercial coolers.

Aircool carries shafts from 5/8” all the way up to 1-3/16”.

Belts 13
Our belts range in size from 20” up to 108”. We carry both 4L belts and commercial B belts.

Water Distribution:

Aircool carries spider kits for both residential and commercial coolers, as well as single inlet coolers for both side draft and down draft applications.

Cooler Pumps 13-1
Our pumps range in size from 5000 CFM up to 25,000 CFM and are available in either 115 or 230 volt.

Water lines 14
We carry both copper and plastic water lines, in both 1/4 ” and 3/8”. These lines can be cut to your specified length, or they can be bought in a pre-cut 50’ roll.

Aircool carries a variety of different fittings in both 1/4 ” and 3/8”. We have shut off valves, couplers, saddle valves, elbows and more.

Floats 14-1
We offer a large supply of cooler floats. We have bronze, brass and plastic floats, in either 3/8 or 1/4 inch. New in 2019 is a float with splash guard attached.


Aircool carries most electrical components for your cooler.

Midwest Box
We carry the Midwest Box, and all of the components that go inside it such as the power outlets and fuses.

Power Cords
Aircool carries all of the power cords that are needed to make your cooler run. We have the cooler power cords, pump cords and motor cords in both 1 speed and 2 speed, and either 115 volt or 230 volt. Also Midwest box cords in 7′ and 12′.

Aircool carries thermostats for aspen and rigid media coolers. These thermostats come in either digital or manual.


Aircool carries a variety of products that will help your cooler perform better and last longer.

Cooler Covers 17
Our cooler covers are all made from a heavy duty canvas to withstand the rotting effects of the sun, and to let moisture escape. We carry coolers for most any size cooler, from small residential to large commercial units, and we even carry turbine covers.

Scale Eliminators 18
We carry several different products that will eliminate scale build up in your cooler.

Marina Coating 19
Marina Coating is a black, tar-like substance that you can apply to the water pan of your cooler to prevent rust. This product comes in a gallon, quart or spray can.

Sheet Metal: 20-1
Aircool stocks several common sheet metal applications such as: roof jacks, cooler legs, cooler stands, drops, dampers and caps. We can also fabricate sheet metal products to your exact specifications. We ask that the customer bring in a drawing and exact measurements for their custom sheet metal, so that we can accurately quote you a price. Delivery timeframes will vary, based on the amount and complexity of the product to be built.

Please note the above list is just a few of the products that we carry to make your cooler perform better and last longer. We have several other products. Please come in or call Aircool to find a solution to all of your cooling problems.