Q: What is evaporative cooling?

A: Please click this link.

Q: Which evaporative cooler do I need and what size?

A1: There are portable and window evaporative coolers units and larger evaporative coolers for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Please click this link for sizing charts.

A2: Evaporative coolers are sized based on cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow. For sizing the right evaporative cooler, determine the cubic foot of the area to be cooled and see this link for the formula.

Q: Do evaporative coolers work in all climates?

A: Evaporative cooling works well in climates where the humidity is low and temperatures are hot and dry. Use this link to see a US map showing where evaporative cooling works best.

Q: Is evaporative cooling right for my house?

A: If the idea of fresh air and energy efficient operation sound good an evaporative cooler may be right for you. Where you live is a determining factor.

Q: Do evaporative coolers use less electricity?

A: Yes. Most evaporative coolers use less electricity than typical air conditioning units depending on age and size. In general evaporative cooling can reduce your utility bill by 25% – 45%.

Q: I have heard that evaporative cooling provides cleaner air than air conditioning?

A: Evaporative coolers work in an open environment where outside air is forced into the house or building constantly which forces stale air outside. Air conditioners are closed systems which recirculate the same air over and over.

Q: What is a CleanMachine®?

A: The CleanMachine® is a pump and bleed off system that automatically replaces the water in your cooler with fresh water every six hours if the cooler is running. This flushes out harmful mineral rich water.

Q: How often should I service my cooler?

A: Scheduled maintenance is key to providing the optimum cooling comfort and for extending the life of the cooler. Refer to the Owners Manual for steps to complete and a maintenance schedule.

Q: Will soft water work with an evaporative cooler?

A: You should avoid using soft water in your evaporative cooler. Soft water contains more salt which may cause the cooler to rust sooner than hard water.

Q: There is water draining from the bottom of my cooler?

A: The water level in the cooler is most likely set too high and is over flowing out the cooler drain plug which is designed to allow excess water out of the cooler pan. Please see the Owners Manual for cooler float adjustment.

Q: The fan is on but there is no air flow?

A: Common causes are electrical power failure to the unit at the fuse or circuit breaker or the belt has stretched or broken. Over time aspen pads may also get clogged with dust and debris, restricting airflow.

Q: The cooler isn’t cooling well.

A: Common causes are not enough air flow going out, the pads are not properly saturated with water and the humidity is high. Make sure you have windows and doors cracked open. Check that the pads are wet and don’t have dry areas. Higher humidity causes a decrease in cooling.

Q: How many windows or doors should I open?

A: For every 1000 cfm’s you will need approximately 2 sq. ft. of unrestricted openings through windows or doors.

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