Aspen Cooler Pads

Aircool is home to our signature double stuffed, extra thick aspen cooler pads. These pads have been tested by the US Army, a Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist, and evaporative cooler manufacturers. All of these tests agree Aircool’s pads provide a “cooler breeze, by up to seven degrees”!

We stock over 100 different pad sizes in both our traditional handmade, and our new, highly compressed machine made pad styles. Both styles have the same amount of aspen, and provide the same cooling capabilities. The difference is found in the ease of installation, where the compressed pads win every time. They are initially thinner than our handmade pads, making it easier to stuff them in your cooler doors. The compressed pads are also easier and more cost effective to ship! However, Aircool understands that some customers prefer our original pads. For that reason we keep pad makers on-site. These pad makers ensure that we are able to keep pads in stock year-round, as well make custom pad sizes.

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